Common mistakes in WCF distributed development (15): Communication with the underlying transaction manager has failed.

The error occurs today when debugging WCF transactions locally: Communication with the stable Transaction Manager has failed.

I did a lot of research to find out why. It’s because of MSDTC. This protocol USES a distributed transaction coordinator. Or the transaction protocol.


Modify the transaction communication protocol.

1. & lt; bindings>

& lt; netTcpBinding >

& lt; The binding name = “netTcpBindingTcp transactionFlow” = “true” & gt;

& lt; ! –transactionProtocol=”WSAtomicTransactionOctober2004″–> // Local debugging does not apply to this transaction protocol

& lt; ! –< reliableSession enabled=”true” ordered=”true”/>

& lt; security mode=”None”> < /security> –>

& lt; /binding>

& lt; /netTcpBinding>

& lt; /bindings>

2. Check MS DTC Settings. [Control Panel -& GT; Performance and Maintenance -& GT; Management Tools -& GT; Component Services -& GT; Computer -& GT; My Computer -& GT; Properties -& GT; MS-DTC TAB -& GT; Security Configuration.

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