Vscode configuration connection server docker write code

The configuration steps
2. Local Docker service 3. Vscode configuration 4. use

1. Generate SSH key pairs
all the way enter, default sound generated two files:
transfer to the server, copy into a file: ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
if there is, add to the following
cat id_rsa.pud > > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
2. Local Docker service
Docker “host= SSH ://@”
docker context create –docker “host= SSH :// @”
switch to this context:
docker context use
test :
docker info
3. Vscode configuration
Install plug-in
remote developement
Use 4.
Attach Remote Host Container
server run docker
open vscode, hold shift+ CTRL +p, run docker contexts use
press shift+ CTRL +p, run remot-containers :Attach to Running Containers… , select the docker container running
and successfully press shift+k to open the docker container directory

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