OpenGL configuration file, as well as unable to parse the file solution

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Do not guarantee that all people can use, to tell the truth, the computer is to need patience and perseverance, I have no talent, with three days.
I refer to “Computer Graphics Learning to Program (Using OpenGL and C ++)” here to talk about my files and problems.
Part of the file:
There is no GLM here, just go to Baidu GLM and put in the include file. (Too many files to upload)
After downloading and unzipping, open a newly created project.
Project – & gt; Property – & gt;
include directory include
brary directory select lib
then se> linker ->; Add the following content to the input modification attached dependency (L is typed in lib with carriage return or semicolon, not identified by comma)

Here are some of the problems I encountered :(I tested the first example in the book, which can also be downloaded, the resource address is listed in # 1)
1. Baidu SOIL2 didn’t make file
the solution: supporting resources in the book there is a complete soil file
resource address:
Unable to resolve _imp_glClear@4 and _imp_glClearColor@16 are linkers -> I forgot to add an additional dependency to the input OpenGL32.lib

4>ble to resolve glew initialization


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