Failed to create Anaconda Menus

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because I want to use spark, I uninstalled the original Anaconda and downloaded Anaconda 3-4.2.0-windows-x86_64 again. I am the Windows10 system 64bit, and the installed version is as follows:

installation process is very simple, keep next, you can refer to: win installation anaconda3 detailed procedure

problem description:

, the window “Failed to create Anaconda menus”, click ignore, after the installation of Anaconda (installation directory) was found insufficient files, and click the start menu, “recently added”, there is no Anaconda3 folder, of course, the “friendly” “Spyder”, “Jupyter Notebook” ICONS are missing…


first to explore their own for a while, no results, in the spirit of the public mind, I believe I am not the first to encounter such a problem, after the web search, sure enough ~~~

1, advice from Anacoda developers :


The menu error may come up due to a bug caused by a strange windows race condition. We have fixed that, but have not yet released a new anaconda installer. The other errors are not registered to that, though, so it might be something what behind this.

There are a few things to try:

  • Installing as a user instead of system wide may avoid the issue.

  • Since the files are all there, you can get the updated menu installer, and reinstall menu packages:

conda update menuinst
conda install -f console_shortcut ipython ipython-notebook ipython-qtconsole launcher spyder

  • The errors might happen if PATH is too long already. How long is your PATH environment variable?Windows limits this to 1024 characters in batch scripts. There are some workarounds go shorten it here: How do you avoid over-populating the PATH Environment Variable in Windows?


zhihu see

2, making


3. Summary solution

  1. installation path can not contain Chinese characters (to see their own directory name)
  2. system relative path is too long, modify the path in the root directory disk
  3. use the default installation path, does not apply to the custom path
  4. installation select All users, instead of the default Just Me
  5. my computer -> Property – & gt; Advanced system Setup -& GT; Environmental variable -& GT; Delete JAVA_HOME, and PATH (note to save the PATH content in advance, after installing anaconda, you need to add PATH again)
  6. reinstall the operating system


different solutions in different situations, which can not be guaranteed to be effective, the best solution in turn try to check.
blogger USES 5& Delete JAVA_HOME and PATH (please be careful to back up your PATH content in advance and modify your PATH after installing anaconda), and then reinstall anaconda to use 4. Change the default Just Me to select All Users

click on the start menu and the familiar icon appears:

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