Compiling OBS studio on MAC and windos platforms

1. Under MAC xcode compiles obs-studio

1. Preparation

  • install brew
  • install other tools
brew install ffmpeg x264 qt5
  • download code
git clone --recursive

2. Generate xcode project

1. cd obs-studio
2. mkdir -p builds/xcode
3. cd builds/xcode
4. CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/local/Cellar/qt/5.11.1/ cmake ../../ -G Xcode

3. FAQ
set the working directory to {obs-studio build dir}build/rundir/Deubug(or Release)/bin, and set the method to Product-> Scheme-> Edit Scheme-> options-> working diectory.


is compiled by visual studio under Windows 2017
1. Preparation

  • install cmake- GUI
  • download dependency
    • vs2017 dependency

    • download QT
    • download code
      git clone --recursive //--recursive 会下载依赖包

2. Generate project

  • configure cmake and Add Entry
    1. 添加 DepsPath 路径为下载vs2017依赖
    2. 添加 QTDIR 为 msvc2017_64路径
    3. 配置生成工程即可,然后指定目录打开sln文件编译即可。
  • start project set to ALL_BUILD can step debugging, do not set to obs project, that will lead to step debugging.

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