Qt5 when compiling VTK_ The solution of dir-notfound

The module Module_vtkGUISupportQt and Module_vtkViewsQt are opened, and Qt5 is used. Qt5_DIR-NOTFOUND error CMake Configure Qt5_DIR-NOTFOUND error The solution is as follows.
1. QT5 installation path
Take my computer’s QT5 installation path as an example. On my computer, Qt is installed in: E: Toolkits\Qt\Qt5.5.1.
2. VTK source file path
I am using the official release of VTK 7.0.0.rc2. Unzip the VTK source code to: E:\Toolkits\ vtk-7.0.0.rc2 \source on my computer
QT5_DIR – NotFound = QT5_DIR – NotFound = QT5_DIR – NotFound
Open the file E:\Toolkits\ vtk-7.0.0.rc2 \source\ cmMakelists.txt in line 1 of the file as follows:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.8 FATAL_ERROR)

Add a line of script that reads:

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.8.8 FATAL_ERROR)
set (CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH "E:/Toolkits/Qt/Qt5.5.1/qtbase")

Configure Generate. Configure Generate.

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