Vs2015 compiling ffmpeg source code

Refer to the article: https://blog.csdn.net/jcl1774356658/article/details/79983805

ShiftMediaProject: The purpose of ShiftMediaProject is to provide a native Window development library of FFmpeg and its dependent libraries in Visual Studio for easy media context creation and debugging in Visual Studio.
The process is as follows:
1 installation vs2015
The long wait…    
Download the FFMPEG source code
Up to 2018-6-7, a total of 53 projects, I downloaded all.
Use git clone to download the source code directory, so that you do not need to change the name of the source code directory, and later load in VS is easy. If you download zip, remove the “-master “suffix after unpacking.
My directory looks like this:

3. Install the VS extension tool
To be more efficient, FFMPEG authors use assembly instructions, which require the aid of tools. This is also mentioned in projects that require assembly tools. Two extensions to VS need to be installed:
Of the projects downloaded in Step 2, there are two projects, VSNASM and VSYASM:

Open the folder separately, run the installation script separately, run the batch install_script.bat, wait a few minutes, and the installation will be prompted to complete.
4 Open the project
Open the “FFmpeg\SMP\ffmpeg_deps.sln” solution file and it loads successfully:

My machine is 64-bit Win7, equipped with VS2015 and VS2015 Update3. The problems encountered in compilation are as follows:
1. The compiler is saying that it cannot be found. stdio.h>
Probably because VS2013 was installed earlier. According to the methods to solve: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_8913a1d3010188wz.html
2 in the last step, after installation VSNAM and VSYASM script, according to https://github.com/ShiftMediaProject/VSNASM, you also need to download the nasm. Exe and yasm. Exe copy to the C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Visual Studio (x86) \ VC 14.0
3 According to E:\ShiftMediaProject\ffmpeg\ ffmpeg\ SMP\readme.text, also need third party library support:

Glext download address: https://sourceforge.net/projects/glextwin32/

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