Bindtextureimage: cleaning GL error: 0x502 during Android opengles2.0 hard decoding

When I do hard decoding and display it in opengles2.0 it always comes up with this prompt, why does it come up with no clue, until I write a new project and it doesn’t come up with this prompt, and then I compare the code and find out why it went wrong
The hard decodation should be made into a gles11ext.gl_texture_EXTERNal_OES texture, and the texture should be generated from SurfaceTexture. Update the texture data via updateTexImage() of SurfaceTexture, and then use Gles20. gl_texture_OES, Textures [0] when rendering; Textures [0]). Texture is GLES20.GL_TEXTURE_2D, Textures [0]. We did not use GLes11ext.gl_texture_EXTERNal_oes. Although the exception will not be thrown, bindTextureImage: clearing GL error: 0x502 will be notified. No alarms or errors

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