Allegro’s solution to “symbol is missing a refdes”

The reason and solution of lacking component identifier

When generating. PSM file, prompt:

ERROR: ERROR(SPMHCS-1): Symbol is missing a refdes. Symbol is missing a refdes.

Create symbol assigned.
create symbol assigned, error = symbol is missing a refdes.
is due to the lack of component identifier
select: layout – & gt; Label–> Refdes (package allgero open)
then select refdes
silkscreen in the active class and subclass of options on the right_ Top
click the blank place to add the screen printing automatically, and then the screen printing can be output

Loulou found that this error was caused by importing the
ascll format exported from ad into candence and generating the component packaging Library of candence. After building verification, it is found that the problem is that the version of ad software is too low, and the saved ascll file format is imported into candence, and the meta device identification is lost.

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