Error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol_ Main the symbol is in the function___ Tmaincrtstartup

Error LNK2019: Unable to resolve external symbol _main, which is referenced in the function ___TMainCrtStartup
Cause analysis,
I use VS2013 debugging an MFC program when the problem occurred.
1. You built a console program with VC. Its entry function should be main, and you used WinMain.

    > You open a.c/.cpp file with vc and compile it directly, using Winmian instead of main as the entry function. VC’s default Settings at this point are for console applications.

1. Enter the project – & gt; setting-> C/C ++, select Preprocessor in Category, remove _CONSOLE in Processor Definitions, and add _WINDOWS
2. Enter the project – & gt; setting-> Link changes /subsystem:console to /subsystem: Windows in Projections.
3. Save Settings, Rebuild All.

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