A simple method of generating secret key by GIT and configuring SSH public key

First install git, then right-click in any blank space on the desktop and select git base here, as shown in the following figure:
① mode 1: input command: Cd ~ and then input: SSH- keygen.exe Then press enter, press enter again, and press enter three times at enter:
② mode 2: input: SSH keygen – O – t RSA – B 4096 – C “ [email protected] ”Then press enter, press enter again, at enter, press enter three times (same as mode one)

Then find the ID corresponding to the directory above_ rsa.pub You can open the public key file, open it in Notepad or other ways, copy the contents
, find the settings in your remote warehouse, and configure SSH to succeed
, reprint address (detailed steps address:

https://blog.csdn.net/xiayiye5/article/details/79652296https :// blog.csdn.net/r8hzgemq/article/details/49897905

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