Breaking Baidu’s secret of making money by reading

Where there are people, there is money to be made, and the more people there are, the easier it is to make money.
The number of downloads of Baidu Reading APP in the mainstream application center is more than 50 million, including other platforms should have hundreds of millions of users, and backed by baidu tree.
Anyone can sell their ebook to hundreds of millions of users.
You’re still in the bonus stage, so think about how much money you can make.
As things stand, making $100,000 a year shouldn’t be a problem if the platform’s rules aren’t drastically changed and enforcement is in place.

As shown in the figure above, the content of the subsector can be sorted out, re-edited and categorized, and then uploaded to Baidu for reading. You can then wait for the payment.
We can cooperate with the use of we media explosive article collection software, only to collect high reading articles, so that the quality can also have some protection.
If your conscience and personality are more valuable, it is recommended that you keep the source of the article when editing, such as the author’s public address, blog url, etc.
With so many books, why would you buy your ebook?
You can ask this question for any project. If you can answer it, the project can be done.
Baidu reading project determines the income of the following several factors.
1. The title;
2. Cover drawing;
3. The directory;
4. Try to read chapters;
5. Quality of the whole book;
The title and the cover picture directly determine whether someone will click on your book, and the title party prevails for the same reason that people like to feel grandiose and exciting.
The table of contents and the content you read directly determine whether someone will pay you or not.
The whole book content determines the readers’ rating of this book. The higher the rating, the easier it will be to get baidu recommendation. Once it becomes hot style, it will gain fame and money.
Now that plagiarism is mentioned, let’s make a point.
Many e-books on the Internet are not copyrighted, and many of them are in PDF format. We can convert PDF directly into Word format to realize free editing.
Some PDF books are encrypted, and you can also use software to remove passwords.
Ways to be an author

1, first download baidu reading APP
download address :
qr code :

2. Find the exclusive original in the book interface and click to enter

3, after entering the exclusive original click on the application to become a certified author logo

4. Complete the remaining steps according to the prompts.

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