Method of generating MD5 file checksums under Windows

At the command prompt

Microsoft Windows 10 operating system has a built-in command line tool as certificate service, namely “certutil”. The command line provides a switch “hashfile”, so a hash string can be generated. Here, you can use the specified algorithm, such as MD5:

certutil -hashfile < file> & lt; algorithm>
certutil -hashfile MD5

Generating MD5 file checksums in command prompt of windows

Using PowerShell

There is also a command in PowerShell
this is the most effective and simple method, because it does not include any type of coding. If you use PowerShell 4.0, there are cmdlets on the command line. This cmdlet is also known as “get filehash.”. Thanks to this command line, you can easily generate a hash file:

Get-FileHash -Path < file> - algorithm < name>
Get-FileHash -Path -algorithm MD5

Using get filehash in PowerShell

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