12 days after the programmer was dismissed by the company, the former leader asked to go back to the company to explain the code clearly, but he was confused

In general, if an employee has left the company, it means he or she is no longer affiliated with the company. Before the employee leaves, the thing to do is to complete the handover of work, after the resignation of the company’s anything, basically has nothing to do with the employee.
Recently I saw such a post on the workplace forum: the programmer was fired by the company for 12 days, the former leader asked the company to explain the code clearly, the employee replied: yes, but charge! What’s going on here?

It turned out that the programmer had been working in the previous company for more than 4 years. Later, the company fired many employees for various reasons, including the programmer. Twelve days after the programmer left, he suddenly received a call from his former boss, who asked the employee to come back to the company and explain the code clearly. And the former leader is not very polite, but in a way of command. The programmer was stunned when he received this call. It is unreasonable to ask for such a long time since he left his job.

The employee later directly refused the leader’s request, and also said such a sentence: I will be clear back to the company code is no problem, but to charge, the leader was angry, also said that the code is not clear, is his problem, otherwise will be investigated for responsibility!
So, what did the netizens say?

Some netizen said that the company dismissed me when early why to go, now the problem can not be solved, but also the bashful request back. More critical is the leadership of EQ is really very low, you are his leadership in the past is right, but now are not in a company, still use this tone to speak, not everyone can be used to you. If it’s me, hang up.
Some netizen said: you can promise to go back to the code, about the time after not to go, and so on the leadership to call you, you say now very busy, anyway is to drag, the leadership also take you have no way.

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If you were the employee, what would you do?Comments are welcome.

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