When SAP receives the goods, the system prompts that it can only be recorded in the period 2009 / 09 and 2009 / 08 of company code 1101

Error: when receiving goods according to PO, the system prompts can only be accounted for in the period 2009/09 and 2009/08 of Company code 1101. The current date is 2009-10-8.
Answer: this is an old problem, it is the problem of MM opening account,< a target=”_blank” class=”link_tag” href=”http://blog.vsharing.com/Tag/%3Ca%20href=” http:=”” www.vsharing.com=”” sap”=”” style=”line-height: 21px; color: rgb(85, 66, 15); Font: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, Sans-serif; font: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica; sans-serif; text-decoration: underline; “> SAP”> MM in SAP can only open accounts for 2 months, which should be opened in sequence.
You can use the transaction code: MMRV to check the current accounting period, and then use MMPV to adjust month by month, if the prompt is not the current calendar year, enter can be past.

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