XML load error fix v0.1

This procedure is used to fix the XML Load Error when running civilization 4 Sword on Chinese system (Steam).
(Changing the operating system language to English solves the problem, but it’s not elegant.)
The author
Tom Willow
Download address
Civilization 4 Above the XML Load Error fix V0.1
The principle of
Some XML files in the game have special characters in European languages, such as u in German.
In Chinese system, these special characters will be followed by < because the ASCII code exceeds 127; /German> and other tags are identified as Chinese, resulting in < The closing tag at the beginning of / is not recognized correctly.
When this program runs, it will scan all XML files at the location and add Spaces at the location where adhesions occur to solve this problem.
Method of use
Put this program in your game folder (for example, Sid Meier's Civilization IV Beyond the Sword) and run it.

Civilization 4 The ultimate solution to messy XML files. Conversion program (attached)
(I won't tell you because I couldn't get a validation email has been in the site to download the attachment to himself wrote a program) https://github.com/yhlleo/FindFilesWithinFolder

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