When nodejs is installed: the error code is 2503

When installing Nodejs under Windows, you always report an error:

The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is 2503.

There are three ways to try it:

    “Run as administrator” obtains administrator authority to Run the installation file. In Linux, you can prefix the command line with sudo. Open the “Start” menu in the lower left corner of the computer and type CMD in the search bar of the popup menu bar.
    in the top list, right-click [CMD] and select [run as administrator];
    enter the command line interface, find the directory of the program to be installed, and copy the path in the address bar;
    , for example, want to install the node-v6.9.1-x64.msi file under D disk;
    type D:\node-v6.9.1-x64.msi on the CMD command line;
    (be sure to have the full address, including the name of the installer); Right-click on the package and select the properties option.
    enter the properties dialog box, click the “security” option at the top, then select the current computer user, and click the lower right corner;
    enter the edit bar, check [full control] at the permissions below, and then click ok to install.

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