Xcode12 error in compiling cocos2d [How to Solve]

Using xcode12 to build the cocos2d 3.17 project has the following similar problems:

the linked framework is missing one or more architectures required by this target arm64

The reason: because V8 does not support 32-bit CPU, that is, it does not support armv7. If you do not need to support 32-bit devices, you can directly remove the compilation of armv7

Amend as follows:


  Basically, the above four modifications can solve the project running in the debug mode. It has not been tried on the real machine for the time being. It should also directly modify the configuration in the release.

There will be some minor problems after modifying the above:

1.Argument value 10880 is outside the valid range [0, 255]

Amend as follows:

Need to

#define BT_ SHUFFLE(x,y,z,w) ((w)<& lt; 6 | (z)<& lt; 4 | (y)<& lt; 2 | (x))

Change to

#define BT_ SHUFFLE(x, y, z, w) (((w) <& lt; 6 | (z) <& lt; 4 | (y) <& lt; 2 | (x)) & 0xff)

2.The application’s Info.plist does not contain CFBundleShortVersionString.

Modify as follows: add cfbundleshortversion in info.plist

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