WNetAddConnection2 – error 1219

All the way back to 1219, looking for the reason for a long time: the code login with a user name, the interface with another login user name, resulting in the conflict! (At present, may be win10 and Win7 different, Win10 login is the default login user name, win7 login native name/login user name. Causes WNetAddConnection2, mistaking it for two users, to return 1219.

Solution: 1. One with server IP, one with server name… Not tested, should be available.
2 control panel -& GT; User account -& GT; Manage Windows credentials which have the login username and password; cmd-> Net use view user (clear: NET use * /del); We need to get rid of both.

Original: https://serverfault.com/questions/57877/system-error-1219-has-occurred

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