[Solved] Windows startup error: unable to find launcherrsxruntime.exe

Problem phenomenon:

The win10 system will report the following error after each restart,

Windows cannot find the file

C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\AdvancedMicroDeviceslnc-2.AMDRad… launcherrsxruntime.exe

Cause of problem:

It is estimated that the file in AMD’s driver is damaged due to what software is installed or abnormal startup


Use AMD’s own driver management software to repair it (effective through personal test). The repair steps are as follows:

Press wins + I to enter Windows settings –> Application –> Applications and functions–> AMD Radeon Software –> Advanced options –> Repair

Restart verification after repair

Note: the above solutions are not necessarily applicable to all situations. If they cannot be solved, you can try to upgrade the driver or reinstall the driver.

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