How to Fix Spoolsv.exe Application Error




“Spoolsv.exe – Application Error”

“The instruction at “0x77fcc2c0” referenced memory at “0x00000000″.

“The memory could not be written.”

How to Fix[list]

[*]Open [b]Control Panel[/b], select Performance and Maintenance, select [b]Administrative Tools[/b] and then select the [b]Services [/b]option.

[*]In the Services management console, locate the [b]Print Spooler[/b] services, right-click on it and select [b]Stop[/b].

[*]Next, open the C[b]:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers[/b] folder. (Here, we are assuming that your Windows is installed in the default C:\Windows folder)

[*]Delete all the [b]. SHD[/b] and [b]. SPL[/b] files from this folder.

[*]Next, open the TMP folder and delete all old and unused files from this folder.

[*]Finally, [b]restart [/b]the Spooler service from the Services management console.


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