When calling time module – time / datetime in wxPython, an error is reported. Valueerror: unknown locale: zh cn

1. Key words: valueerror: unknown locale: zh cn

A lot of instructions on the Internet are about the language environment. Set up a round down, or not.

2. Key words: wxPython valueerror: unknown locale: zh cn

We found the following link through the wall:


The corresponding relationship of the version number mentioned below

  PyInstaller==3.4 wxPython==4.0.4 good

  PyInstaller==3.6 wxPython==4.0.4 good

  PyInstaller==3.6 wxPython==4.0.7 good

  PyInstaller==3.6 wxPython==4.0.7.post2 good

  PyInstaller==3.6 wxPython==4.1.0 bad

3. Upgrade or reduce the version number of wxpathon. Then upgrade the version.

pip3 install upgrade wxPython

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