Use keil software to report syntax error near ‘;

Using keil software to report syntax error near ‘; ”

This is the first time through CSDN upload their own learning situation, novice report.

Today, when using keil to write C, I used a piece of such code

    ?Define uint unsigned int; void delay (uint MS) { uint a; while (MS --)// software delay module for (a = 0; a & lt; 114; a + +); }

    When compiling, a syntax error near ';' was given, and the following MS and a both reported an error that no identifier was defined.
    From the code above, it can be seen that there is an obvious error with the ";" sign after define, but I found that the line with syntax error near ';' error is void delay (uint MS).
    I was hoodwinked at that time, looking for a long time, I found that there was an extra "; to commemorate this stupid operation.

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