How to delete the residual software files on the computer?

The computer is slower and slower, the system disk space is smaller and smaller, the garbage is more and more… This is how many people in the process of using computers have encountered the unsolved problem.
But ordinary users don’t even know what a software uninstall, not just delete the desktop and start menu shortcuts to go, even the control panel or software used to own uninstaller after unloading, also will still remain a lot of files and registry, because such unloading won’t delete directly relevant registry keys and the following software file directory.
The following directories are not found in the software installation directory. They contain a lot of junk files, such as caches, logs, error reports, etc., some of which can be several gigabytes or even tens of GIGABYtes. If you don’t have enough space, clean them up.
*:\Program Files (x86) or *:\Program Files
Therefore, the best way to uninstall a piece of software completely is to remove all the files, directories, and registries it generates. Of course, it is very troublesome to find one by one. For lazy people, they really don’t want to do it, not to mention there will be omissions…
After a long while, it is easy to find a good cleaning tool for you. After trying so many tools, I think 360 Security Guards stand out from the rest for three reasons. Let me share with you:
1. For software that does not need to be uninstalled, the computer cleaning function can often clean the useless files (cache, log, etc.) generated by the software to make room;

2, need to uninstall the software, you can directly use 360 software housekeeper, not only can completely uninstall the software no longer needed, but also can detect the silent bundle installed on the rogue software, a key to complete uninstall;

3, the software has been uninstalled, if the control panel or the original uninstall program was uninstalled, the remaining files can be scanned out with a key, let the computer recover clean.

Warm tip: if I ask you to clean up your computer by hand, I’m sure most of you are too lazy to move. When necessary, you can use third-party tools to save your worry and speed, or very awesome.

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