Use sc command under CMD, report openservice failed 1060 error

Use sc command under CMD to delete the tomcat service and report openservice failed 1060 error
Reason: The status of the Tomcat service in the service is disabled. If the status is changed to automatic, sc DELETE Tomcat can be used
Note: Although the service name is Apache Tomcat, you do not need to add Apache when removing the Tomcat service
There are two ways to delete Windows services:
Option 1: start — run — cmd.exe with the Windows command
, then type sc to see it. The method is simple:
sc delete “Service name” (if there is a space in the Service name, you need to put quotes around it)
as above: sc delete Service

open the registry editor and find the following key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services generally the service will display a key with the same name here, just delete the key directly.

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