Ubutnu’s idea input method candidate box can’t follow the cursor

Problem orientation
In fact, the specific issue of the official seven years ago (reference), but the more pit is that the official has not solved the problem. Simply put, a bug in the JRE running environment of IDEA causes the input method to be unable to locate the mouse position. Therefore, we need to modify the running code of JetBrainsRuntime to fix this problem.
The solution

Modify JetBrainsRuntime

    Download the modified JRE environment
Extract code: 21MR

    Change the startup environment for IDEA

Change your own JRE directory

/home/ XXX /idea-2020.1/bin/idea.shhome/XXX /idea-2020.1/bin/idea.sh

port IDEA_JDK=/home/ XXX /idea-2020.1/java-11.0.7-jetbrain.>r> export IDEA_JDK=/home/ XXX /idea-2020.1/java-11.0.7-jetbrain

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