The problem of cursor skipping in wangeditor

Problem description

When using wangeditor, input content, and press enter to switch to the next line, the cursor cuts over and automatically jumps back.

Cause of the problem

After encapsulating a component, the onchange event of wangeditor will be triggered every time the content passed in from the parent is used. In the onchange event, the modified value is assigned to the parent component by passing the child to the parent. After the value of the parent component changes, the value of the child component wangeditor will also be modified. Therefore, the cursor always jumps to the last. At this point, there is another problem of concurrency, that is, it is invalid after the undo and resume click.


When the child component watch listens to the value passed in by the parent component, it adds judgment to ensure that the input content is zero and the assignment will not be triggered

Instead of using the official recommended catchdata, the child component uses the method of passing the value to the parent component (that is, $emit) to synchronize the value to the parent component, so as to ensure that the value of the parent component is consistent with the content of the rich text when saving

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