Through PID (process identification) to find the port (port) occupied applications, to solve the problem of port occupied

Step 1: Query the applied PID value occupying the port (Process Identification Process ID)

Enter the command in the DOS window: netstat -aon|findstr "port number "
to get the PID of the occupied port application, the port number is determined according to its own occupied port number

Step 2: Query the process for the specified PID value

In the DOS window, enter the command: tasklist|findstr "PID value "
to view the specified PID process. The PID value is obtained according to the port number occupied by itself

Step 3: End the process occupying the port

In the DOS window, enter the command: taskkill /T /F /PID PID value
to end the process command, the PID value should be changed to the PID value of the process you want to end

It is also possible to find the corresponding PID value of the process in the task manager manually right-click to end

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