The tutorial and difference of glew, glfw, glad and freeglut

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1. OpenGL+VS2017 environment configuration
Skip this configuration if you use the OpenGl-Tutorial Chinese tutorial below, which comes with the CMake compiler, and complete the configuration in one step.
2. OpenGL – Tutorial
Advantages: this translation is more vivid. After compiling with Cmake, you don’t need to configure VS2017 yourself. Even the shaders are integrated into it. The first few chapters don’t need to write their own shaders, the focus is on drawing the graphics, suitable for cute new beginners.
Disadvantages: The whole structure of CMAKE is relatively large and a bit difficult to untangle after compiling.
3. Use GLFW + Glad’s Chinese tutorial
Advantages: according to the “OpenGL+VS2017 environment configuration (pro test)& lt; With necessary knowledge & gt; – CSDN blog method after configuration, write their own procedures, a graph of all the code in a. CPP, the structure is relatively simple.
Disadvantages: This translation is a bit obscure, you have to read it several times to understand. It is a little difficult to understand the shader. Comparing with OpenGL -tutorial, it will be a great gain.
4. Use the GLFW + FreeGLUT tutorial
Column: Learn the OpenGL3.3+ -CSDN blog step by step page=2

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