The full coverage of the control system of TG pro

In some cases, it may be necessary to fully cover the system fan controls and use custom algorithms. You can use TG Pro by combining the power of the Auto Boost rule with the power of the overlay system. Keep in mind that when fan mode is set to Auto Boost, this completely replaces system fan control. If the fan speed is set too low, the system will not be able to increase or decrease the fan speed, causing the Mac to overheat. While this can be a very powerful feature, use at your own risk.

TG Pro Tutorial
To do this, first enable coverage for all fans. Depending on the Mac model you have, it will look like this:
for 2018 and 2019 Mac models (with T2 chips)
Applicable to all other Mac models
Now that TG Pro is fully covered, the Auto Boost rule must be added to increase fan speed as the temperature rises. This is very similar to the “Multiple automatic enhancement rule” section, but a rule must start at 0-100% of the maximum RPM (note: 0% is the minimum RPM). Otherwise, the fan will never be able to increase to its maximum speed, which is needed at very high temperatures.
here is a set of example rules:
fan speed is always at least 10%
if any sensor temperature is above 40°C,
fan speed will be 25%?If any sensor temperature is above 50 °C, the fan speed will be 50%
the fan speed will be 75% if any sensor temperature is above 60 °C
if any sensor temperature is above 70 °C, the fan speed will be 100%
The rules can vary, depending on whether the Mac is running on a battery or plugged in
To enable this feature, change the fan control mode to Auto Boost and TG Pro will adjust the fan speed to exactly how to set it according to the Auto Boost rule of the current power supply!
The above is the way to completely cover the system with TG Pro’s custom control function. Again, it should be emphasized that although this may be a very powerful function, use at your own risk!

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