Common problems and solutions under Linux

Common problems and solutions under Linux

. What are tar,.tar.gz,.bz2,.tar.bz2,.bz,.gz files and how do I unlock them?
They are both file (compressed) packages. Tar.gz: package and compress: tar CVF *.tar dirName: tar XVF *.tar
.tar.gz: package and compress: tar CZVF *.tar.gz
2: unpack: bzip2-d *.bz2
.b>unpack: bzip2-d *.bz
.bz: unpack: bzip2-d *.bz
.gz: unpac> Gzip-d *.gz

rh8 There is a graphical interface under the software File-roller to do this. Also can use unzip *. Zip unzip file, unrar *. Rar solution
open RAR file, but the general system does not come with unrar, to download the Internet.


a. Create a directory like mkdir a
. Mount the iso file: mount -o loop XXXX.

Delete all files in the directory including subdirectories
-rf directory names

cat /proc/ cpuinfo-CPU (i.e. vendor, Mhz, flags like MMX)
t /proc/interrupts – interrupt
c> proc/ioports – device IO port
cat/p>/ meminfo-memory (i.e. mem used, free, i.e. mem used, free, Swap the size)
the cat/proc/partitions – all equipment all partitions
the cat/proc/pci – pci devices information
the cat/proc/swaps – all the swap partition information
the cat/proc/version – Linux version number Equivalent to the uname -r
uname -a – see system information such as the kernel

RPM -qpl aaa. RPM
RPM -qpl aaa
tar XVFZ example.tar.gz
tar XVFZ example.tgz
t>vf example.tar
unzip e>

> Gaim 0.58: download QQ plug-in for gcc2.9 version will download file into the/temp directory, then delete the existing Gaim system, namely, type the command in a terminal emulator: RPM -e Gaim.
Start the installation
en the terminal emulator and continue to install Gaim version 0.58, that is:
c>temp (go to the temp directory)
RPM -iv>im -0.58-2.i386. RPM (install software)
When the inst>tion is successful, you can create the Gaim icon on the GNome or KDE desktop.
To continue installing the QQ plugin, type the command:
nzip libq-0.0.3-ft-0.58 (unzip the file)
c>bq-0.0.3-ft-0.58 /usr/lib/gaim (copy the plugin to the gaim library directory)
Login screen> will appear when you first start Gaim version 0.85. Select “Plugins” first, and click “Load” in the “Plugins” dialog box. Load and files respectively, and close them after confirmation. Then choose “all accounts”, in the presence of
account in the editor to click “add”, when the modify account page, we can enter your QQ or MSN number,
the login name fill in QQ number or MSN email, password to fill in the corresponding QQ or MSN password, Alias to fill in their nicknames, protocol selection
corresponding QQ or MSN, other Settings by default. When all Settings are completed, you can log in and use.

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