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Some error occurred error: listen eaddinuse: address already in use

In this case, the port is occupied
window + R open run input CMD open DOS command window

Input: netstat - ano view port

the red mark indicates that the port is occupied,

Enter the TCP number corresponding to taskkill/F/T/im in CMD to turn off the occupied port
and then NPM run serve can be run normally

Error = 2, no such file or director is prompted in the lower left corner of the MAC pycharm running file

System: MAC system
problem: Python runs the python project provided by others, but the file in the project exists, but it prompts that there is no such file
specific error:
error: cannot run program “/ users/Bob/pychamprojects/untitled/venv/bin/Python” (in directory “/ users/Bob/desktop/1”): error = 2, no such file or director

delete the hidden. Idea file under the project, restart pycharm and run it again

Error: SaveRasterFile failed: IDLnaMetadata Error:naGetMetadata-GetMetadataJob failed

Today, during the image test in envi, I wanted to back up (save) the image, but the following error was reported
saverasterfile failed: idlnametadata error: nagetmetadata getmetadatajob failed

the reason is that Chinese cannot appear in the storage path, otherwise an error will be reported

When exporting to raster data, envi needs to read the metadata in the input file. If there is Chinese in the path, it will be unable to read and this error will be reported. At this time, you can change the storage path
the path where I read the image happens to have Chinese files, so I want to change it to English

android remount of /system failed: Read-only file system [How to Solve]

Problems encountered:
after ADB root (obtaining root permission), execute ADB remount (adding read-write permission to system files/system,/vendor,/OEM) and report:
remount of/system failed: read-only file system error

1. ADB disable verity will appear
verity disabled on/system
now reboot your device for settings to take effect
2. ADB reboot restart the device.
then remout can succeed

[Mac M1] How to Solve import wordcloud Error: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘wordcloud‘

My computer is a MacBook Pro M1 chip, which is the most difficult computer to configure. Ah, humble MAC people can cry every time.

I downloaded the wordcloud package in Anaconda and reported errors after import. I tried all the methods found in CSDN to deal with this error again. No one is successful, all kinds of problems. Later, I found a solution on the Internet, and the address is here: https://pypi.org/project/wordcloud/

In fact, it’s very simple. If you have tried PIP install on the terminal and failed, first enter Xcode select — install to ensure that you have downloaded this. If you have downloaded it like me, there will be

Just enter this
CONDA install – C CONDA forge wordcloud
to run it. When this appears, enter y

After running in the terminal, reopen your Spyder or pycham and re import wordcloud to stop reporting errors!

After the crack is installed correctly, open matlab r2018a and report the error license manager error-8

Error: when you open matlab on the desktop, the following error will appear
solution: delete matlab on the desktop and open the application in MATLAB 2018/bin/Matlab under the software installation path

my computer is windows 64 bit. Matlab was correctly installed and cracked according to the online tutorial. At first, it was thought that the security key or something had expired, The solution was discovered later

Failed to copy files Error processing tar file [How to Solve]

Learning content:

Dockerfile build image

[[email protected] tomcat]# docker build -t mytomcat:0.1 .
Sending build context to Docker daemon  186.5MB
Step 1/15 : FROM centos
 ---> 300e315adb2f
Step 2/15 : MAINTAINER lms<[email protected]>
 ---> Running in 518a2a24a366
Removing intermediate container 518a2a24a366
 ---> 6e71bc54b0f9
Step 3/15 : COPY readme.txt /usr/local/tomcat/readme.txt
 ---> a2522531c257
Step 4/15 : ADD  jdk-8u161-linux-x64.tar.gz /usr/local/tomcat/
failed to copy files: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): unexpected EOF

the above error occurs. It is likely that an error occurred when uploading the tar file. Therefore, you can upload the file again!

[Solved] VMware Workstation startup error: Unable to open kernel device…

VMware Workstation startup error

Specific error:

Unable to open kernel device "\\. \VMCIDev\VMX": operation completed successfully. Did you reboot after installing VMware Workstation? The module "DevicePowerOn" failed to start.  Failed to start the virtual machine.


1. Locate the. VMX file under the virtual machine installation path

2. Modify vmci0.present = “true” to vmci0.present = “false”