Solution to the problem of spring boot running test class error creating bean with name ‘serverendpoint exporter’ defined

There are many problems in spring boot unit test. When I use websocket, I will run the test class and report an error: error creating bean with name ‘serverendpoint exporter’ defined in class path resource [COM/Jacklin/config]/ WebSocketConfig.class ]Here I introduce the annotation @ serverendpoint:

There are two ways to solve this problem

Method 1: remove the @ runwith of the test class( SpringRunner.class ), but this method will have limitations. For example, when you want a @ authwired class below, you will report an error. I can’t do it here, according to your code situation.

The second way: add webenvironment after springboottest= SpringBootTest.WebEnvironment.RANDOM_ Port means to create a web application context (response based or servlet based). Reason: websocket depends on the startup of Tomcat and other containers. So in the process of testing, we need to really start a Tomcat as a container.

Run after adding, no more error!!

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