Spring boot can’t scan XML (invalid bound statement (not found))

in a recent work on a project, a headache problem, the background and foreground, after a successful start in obtaining some mapper, always show can not find the mapper, but if use Ctrl or can enter this method, on the Internet to find a lot of solutions, did not solve my problem, the following are some of the common rule out way:

1, check whether namespace in your XML file is correct

2. Check whether the mapper method written by yourself is consistent or missing with the method in XML, and whether the return type or name is consistent

3. If it is not possible yet, take a look to see if the XML configuration path of mapper is correct

4. Delete some Spaces in XML

5, I encountered myself, to see if the target file exists and is a level 1 directory:

, if you’re like me, you can delete the new mapper, and when you create a new mapper, you can create a new mapper, and you can create a new directory on the mapper.

and finally the target should look like this:

is just like that.

if not solved, you can leave a message to communicate with oh ~

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