[Solved] Virtual Machine Centos7 Startup Error: Entering emergency mode


Start centos7 in VMware 15.5 on win10, and the following error is reported:

entering emergency mode Exit the shell to continue

Cause analysis

According to the CentOS file system fault, the root causes of the fault are:

  • Force shutdown of the virtual machine (skip the system and directly shut down VMWare)
  • Irregular execution of on-hook operations
  • Irregularly execute restart operation

Repair method:

Please enter the following command to repair:

xfs_repair -v -L /dev/sda3

Parameter Description:
– L: use the xfs_repair command to clear the log (even if dirty data is included, this will change the metadata information)

After modification, print the log as follows:

after that, execute reboot, restart centos7, and observe whether it can be started normally.

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