How to Solve nacos Startup Error and Connect to MYSQL

Error reason for Nacos startup: the default configuration of Nacos is cluster startup, which can be modified to stand-alone startup (after Nacos 1.3.2, the default mode of Nacos is cluster mode).

The Nacos directory structure is as follows (the version of Nacos I use is 2.0.3): the bin directory and modify script

2.connects to MySQL, executes the SQL statement

opens the conf folder, creates a Nacos database, executes the following script

after execution, the results are as follows

3.opens the conf folder, modifies the configuration information

finds the following configuration in the conf folder and modifies the marked configuration items

test access 127.0 0.1:8848/Nacos account/password: Nacos/Nacos successfully opened the following page

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