[Solved] Nacos Startup Error: Error creating bean with name ‘authFilter‘

Nacos startup error: error creating bean with name ‘authfilter’:

Start failure reason

Turn the startup page to the top level, and you will find that Nacos is started in a cluster:

However, you just downloaded Nacos and did not make the cluster configuration of Nacos, so you need to start it in a stand-alone way.


The first one: start the command line window under the bin directory of Nacos, and enter the command of single machine startup to start

startup.cmd -m stadalone

Second: modify the content of the startup.cmd script from set mode = "cluster" to set mode = "standalone", that is, change the cluster mode to stand-alone mode

Part of the contents of the original file of startup.cmd are as follows:

set MODE="cluster"
set SERVER=nacos-server

After modification:

set MODE="standalone"
set SERVER=nacos-server

set SERVER=nacos-server

Then double click startup.cmd to start, it is OK!

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