Solutions to “an error occurred while processing this directive”

Recently, I helped a client make a station with DedecMS, but the error message “an error while processing this directive” was displayed on the foreground. After searching this prompt, I found that many people encounter this problem, not only in Dedecms, but also in other CMS.
This shows that the problem is not CMS, but the template, searched a lot of information, did not find the specific reason. Today careful inspection, finally found the reason.
It turned out to be the fault of comments. I would often end DIV with comments such as < Div id = “left” & gt; , I’ll put the closing tag < div> < ! – # left – & gt; That’s the problem with the pound sign. A lot of CMS USES < ! – # include file = “chenqinghua. HTM” – & gt; The subtemplate is referenced in this way, and “< ! “– #” is the key, and it conflicts with the template engine. Just drop the # sign.

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