@Solution to override error

Sometimes the Java Eclipse project will always report an error with @Override when compiled on a different computer. It is fine to remove the @Override, but it cannot fundamentally solve the problem, because sometimes there are too many places for @Override.
This is an issue with the JDK, where @Override is JDK5, but does not support an implementation of the interface. JDK6 fixes this Bug by adding @Override to methods of parent classes and implementations of interfaces.
To fix this, first make sure you have JDK version 1.6 or higher installed on your machine (mine had JDK 1.7 installed),

Then, select the Eclipse menu Windows->; Preferences–> java-> Compiler–> Compiler Compliance Level Select 1.7, refresh the project, and recompile.
If the problem is not resolved, right-click on the project that reported the error and select Properties–>; Java Compiler–> Select 1.7 in Compiler Compliance Level to refresh the project and recompile.
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