“Method does not override method from its superclass”

The @override annotation in IDEA gives error message “Method does not override Method from its superclass”

Cause of problem:
!! First check to see if the method overloads a parent class. If it doesn’t have a parent class, using @override will get an error.
!!!!!! Check to see if the method name/parameter is different when overloaded;
if none of the above problems exist, it may be the following reasons:
!! There are bugs in IDK5 version of the reference; Override is already available in JDK5, but does not support the implementation of the interface, arguing that it is not override error. JDK6 fixes this bug by annotating either the Override of the parent method or the implementation of the interface with @override.
Project Structure—->

select the version above 6 in the Project language level.

2. After this setting, the problem has not been solved. The following Settings are required:
file– > Project Structure—–> Modules

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