Solution: error: libtool library used but ‘libtool’ is undefined

When spice library function pixman is compiled,


pixman/ error: Libtool library used but 'LIBTOOL' is undefined
pixman/   The usual way to define 'LIBTOOL' is to add 'LT_INIT'
pixman/   to '' and run 'aclocal' and 'autoconf' again.
pixman/   If 'LT_INIT' is in '', make sure
pixman/   its definition is in aclocal's search path.
test/ warning: 'INCLUDES' is the old name for 'AM_CPPFLAGS' (or '*_CPPFLAGS')

means: LT_INIT is defined in configure. Ac, but aclocal cannot be searched. exists in the libtool file. Aclocal searches through the libtool.m4 file.


1) make aclocal folder and libtool folder in the same directory, and aclocal contains libtool.m4, playing a bridging role;

2) when aclocal has libtool.m4 file, and aclocal and libtool file are in the same directory, it is also necessary to check whether the search path of aclocal is located in the parent directory of aclocal.

my search path is /usr/local/share/aclocal, but the parent directory of my aclocal and libtool is /usr/share/aclocal. The two are different.

all, to change the search path or to add the corresponding file under the current search path.

1) modify the search path and find that it cannot be changed:

2) choose to add the corresponding file in the current search path, and recompile:


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