Run Red Alert and other old games under Win10…

***FATAL***String manager failed to initilaized
When the game is downloaded, ***FATAL***String Manager fails to initilaized cleavage on the first run. The solution is to change the configuration of the running program, right click to run the program & GT; – attribute & gt; – Compatibility configuration is shown below:

Problem two: lack of runtime environment Microsoft_Visual_C++_2005_SP1_Redistributable_Package_x86
directly to install the runtime environment. Here is the link:
directx9; or 0 1 2 or above 3
the three problem is lack of dx (directx9, 10, 11) under the given resources: dirextx9 directx10 directx11

extract resources double-click the executable file can be installed a a step-by-step.
Problem 4: black screen but sound
is due to the 3 d acceleration, the following is a resource: cloud disk resources
0 1 2 3 4 5 there are two registers, like red alert 2 configuration does not need very high game need to turn off 3D acceleration, like red alert 3 configuration requirements a little higher game need to turn on 3D acceleration, in order to simple direct use of these two registers.
Question 5: enter the game network TAB
this is because the red alert on the net have been changed so you can’t use, the solution is to add a DLL files in the root directory, the following is a chain answer: cloud disk link
Question 6: network options inside can’t find other players
The resources: cloud disk resources
this is due to win10 can not manually open the ipx protocol, the solution will be the following compression package files to replace the game root directory (is to replace);
after if you are a 32-bit system or 64 system, click the corresponding directplay-win32/64. Reg registry file;
after opening the ipxconfig.exe file, then do not need to change, click ok.
Problem 7: online serial number or cd-key is not allowed to be online at the same time, etc.
this is because all come from a file copy, so the serial number is the same on the Internet.

solution is found in the game under the root directory Woldata. Key file open with notepad to modify the back of the digital and distinguished from other players.
After question 8: enter using the task manager can’t exit
can’t quit because you order is less than the task manager, this kind of situation can be solved using win10 multi desktop.
(1) press the Windows key + TAB keys;
The (2) close the task manager;
switch to a desktop from below, open the task manager and close the program, however you will find that this method is very common unless you normally close the game.
Problem nine: other problem can look for resource on the net, make good use of network resource, contribute oneself brocade silk power at the same time, have on the net good resource also have lousy resource must distinguish right from wrong.

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