Pysot installation and model testing

installation steps

– download the project file

create conda environment

the second installation, manual configuration environment, the command is as follows, to add tsinghua source

conda create --name pysot python=3.7
conda activate pysot

conda install numpy
conda install pytorch=0.4.1 torchvision cuda90 -c pytorch
pip install opencv-python

pip install pyyaml yacs tqdm colorama matplotlib cython tensorboardX

# change dir to project

python build_ext --inplace

download model file

the baidu cloud file download, only copy pysot/experiments in the file mode, PTH, not to replace the corresponding congfig. Yaml

configure the environment variable

export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/pysot:$PYTHONPATH

to export PYTHONPATH =/home/Cody/PycharmProjects/pysot: $PYTHONPATH

or use pycharm to configure

demo run

here use pycharm to run, select the corresponding Python compiler, and run -> Edit Configurations, set and select the running file, and add the running parameter

in paramters

–config .. /experiments/siamrpn_r50_l234_dwxcorr/config.yaml
–snapshot .. /experiments/siamrpn_r50_l234_dwxcorr/model.pth
–video ../demo/bag. Avi

effect display

Run, pop up the display box, select the area with the left mouse button and press enter to

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