PLSQL even oracle11g problem on 64-bit machine: SQL*Net not properly installed and ORA-12154:TNS: cannot handle service name

Today, a colleague encountered a problem when installing our system to a customer.

Background: colleagues installed as follows:

       The server is a small machine, a virtual machine made on the small machine. WIN2003 operating system is installed with 64 bits.

       Database: oracle11g.


On a 64-bit machine, the following error is reported when PLSQL is accessed:

Initialization error
SQL*Net not properly installed


I searched on the Internet and found that it is a 64-bit machine, and a 32-bit Oracl client needs to be installed for PLSQL to access it correctly.

After installing the Oracl client, this problem was solved.

Then came another problem: when logging in with PLSQL, an error ORA-12154: TNS: Unable to process the service name was reported . I changed the listener.ora and tnsname.ora under D:\Oracle\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\NETWORK\ADMIN, but it still doesn’t work. After various attempts, the error persisted.


I have no choice but to install an Oracl client and PLSQL7.5 on another LAN machine. When installing PLSQL7.5, the default path is c:\program files (x86)\PLSQLDeveloper, but an error will be reported, roughly Saying that NET might have a problem, I changed the path to D:\tool\PLSQLDeveloper. After configuring tnsname.ora of an Oracl client, run PLSQL again, and it is normal and connected.


Go back, check the PLSQL on the server, the installation path is the default path c:\program files (x86)\PLSQLDeveloper, uninstall and reinstall. The installation path has been changed. After finishing, run PLSQL again, it is normal. Haha

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