PHP message:filesize(): stat failed for Error

PHP Information: File Size(): Statistics Failure Errors

message:filesize(): stat failed for F:s2017\SinaImgUpload\SinaImgUpload\bin\Debug\TempPath\Cookies.txt

I checked that the path written by Phpstorm was correct, but I could not get the data
After careful examination, I found that \v had been escaped.

const SinaCookiesFile="F:\vs2017\SinaImgUpload\SinaImgUpload\bin\Debug\TempPath\Cookies.txt";

So I converted 
The problem was solved when \\v became \\v.

The reason for this problem is "" instead of using '' 
In php, variables ($var) and special characters (\r\n and such) in double quotes are escaped, content in single quotes is not escaped (so it's more efficient). 

So cut the language's future habits to accommodate single quotes and improve program efficiency.

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