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Eclipse Syntax error, annotations are only available if source level is 1.5 or greater

I. Problem descriptionSyntax error, annotations are only available if source level is 1.5 or greater, indicating that the annotations are only available in jdk1.5 or higher, as shown in the figure below:

My JDK is configured to be 1.8, which is not supposed to be the case. I checked the configuration of my project and found the problem

Second, the cause of the problem

The compiler followed a low compilation level, used the default configuration file at project creation time, and did not update as configured with the JDK version

Here is the configuration information for the configuration file:

3. Solutions

1. Click the project shortcut Alt + Enter or right-click the project and select Properties at the bottom to enter the project configuration page

2. Modify the compilation level of the compiler

3. Change the configuration

4. The configuration file was modified successfully

Ok, problem solved



Syntax error, annotations are only available if source level is 1.5 or greater

Eclipse environment configuration after importing the project will have the error, the Java source and SRC folder error, I checked my jre version there is no problem, but the error or a newspaper, my solution is to put the Java build path of the jre, remove the apply, add back again, apply, the error disappears, don’t know why have this mistake, should be the problem of the eclipse tools.

PHP message:filesize(): stat failed for Error

PHP Information: File Size(): Statistics Failure Errors

message:filesize(): stat failed for F:s2017\SinaImgUpload\SinaImgUpload\bin\Debug\TempPath\Cookies.txt

I checked that the path written by Phpstorm was correct, but I could not get the data
After careful examination, I found that \v had been escaped.

const SinaCookiesFile="F:\vs2017\SinaImgUpload\SinaImgUpload\bin\Debug\TempPath\Cookies.txt";

So I converted 
The problem was solved when \\v became \\v.

The reason for this problem is "" instead of using '' 
In php, variables ($var) and special characters (\r\n and such) in double quotes are escaped, content in single quotes is not escaped (so it's more efficient). 

So cut the language's future habits to accommodate single quotes and improve program efficiency.

Idea method of modifying git account and password

IDEA how to modify git account and password:
1, file-> settings-> passwords

2. Restart IDEA

3, perform a submit or update
when the submit or update is performed, idea will automatically prompt for the account and password as follows:

4, if the above can not be modified, please try the following way
solution: control panel -> User account -& GT; Manage your credentials