Optimization and upgrade solution for one click deployment without Jenkins under Linux

1. Scene

Jenkins one click deployment has not been installed under Linux.

2. Operation process

① Manual upload.

② Delete history code.

③ Unzip the war package.

④ Delete the war package.

⑤ Restart Tomcat.

⑥ Show logs.

3. Process disassembly

1) Use the RZ command to upload the war package.

2) Use the following command to complete the rest of the work in one go. Note: the last line is reserved for carriage return and line feed to ensure that the command will be executed.

cd   /opt/codes/portal-system
rm -rf  META-INF
rm -rf  WEB-INF
rm -rf importDataModel.xlsx
unzip portal-system-1.0.0. RELEASE.war
rm -rf portal-system-1.0.0. RELEASE.war
/opt/server/tomcat_ portal_ system/bin/ restart.sh

3) restart.sh Please refer to the previous blog post for the script.

4. Incremental design scheme

cd /opt/codes/portal-system/WEB-INF/classes
rm -r com
unzip com.zip  
rm -rf com.zip  
/opt/server/tomcat_ portal_ system/bin/ restart.sh
#tail -f /opt/server/tomcat_ portal_ system/logs/ info.log

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