Notes on using Reaver in Kali 2.0

1. At first
Use this command airmon-ng start wlan0 to get started. Note that in Kali 2.0 you no longer turn on mon0, but wlan0mon, so do not confuse this with the version of Kali 1.x
2. The command of Kali 1.x is invalid
In Kali 2.0, you must manually turn on the network card listening mode, so you need to manually turn on the listening mode after executing the above

ifconfig wlan0mon down
iwconfig wlan0mon mode monitor
ifconfig wlan0monp up

3. Pixiewps blessing
In Reaver 1.5.2, the -K 1 parameter was used to integrate PIxiewps, which greatly accelerated the speed of PIN enumerations, and the Dust Attack was used to increase the crack speed of affected chips from dozens of hours to a few seconds
4. Possible problems
here I will not repeat paste, I just put up the problems and errors, if encountered, go to the original address above looking for, thank the author of this article!
WPS transaction failed (code: 0x02)
0x02 and 0x03 mixed error
WPS transaction failed (code: 0x02) 0x04)
long warning
long warning Receive timeout
I have a problem 4, but at the beginning I can carry out PIN operation, after dozens of times of PIN, unable to Associate, I do not know whether it triggered the router’s security mechanism

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