Miscellaneous Notes (2)

Hide the scroll bar and keep the scroll effect

.outer-container {
    overflow: hidden;        // 隐藏滚动条
    width: 240px;          // 内容宽度,同时配合子元素
    height: 100%;
  .inner-container {
    overflow-x: hidden; // 隐藏水平滚动条
    overflow-y: scroll;    // 产生垂直滚动
    width: 257px;       // 比父元素宽出滚动条的宽度 17px
    height: 100%;          // 设置产生滚动条
  .inner-container::-webkit-scrollbar {
    display: none;            //  webkit 内核的浏览器仅需设置此属性

// 另一种方法,在滚动的容器设置
.inner-container {
    margin-right: -17px;


// 需要在提交时将描述信息放在两重引号中,原因疑是 git 无法识别 文件名或路径
git add .
git commit -m "'your message'"
git pull origin master
git push origin master

Check whether to jump after logging in to prevent an endless loop

router.beforeEach((to, from, next) => {
    out //判断登录状态简单实例
    var userInfo = window.localStorage.getItem('token');
    if (userInfo) {
    } else {

// 以上会发现出现如下错误:出现 dead loop错误,解决方法如下所示
// 解决思路:排除此时地址 = 转向的地址 的情况,避免dead loop
router.beforeEach((to, from, next) => {
    var userInfo = window.localStorage.getItem('token');//获取浏览器缓存的用户信息
    if(userInfo){ //如果有就直接到首页咯
    } else {
        if(to.path=='/login'){ //如果是登录页面路径,就直接next()
        } else { //不然就跳转到登录;


BrowserslistError: Unknown browser major
Bootstrap.min. js normal bootstrap.min. CSS error reporting

ERROR in ./node_modules/css-loader?minimize!./node_modules/autoprefixer-loader!./node_modules/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css
    Module build failed: BrowserslistError: Unknown browser major
        at error (E:\project\node_modules\browserslist\index.js:37:11)
        at Function.browserslist.checkName (E:\project\node_modules\browserslist\index.js:320:18)
        at Function.select (E:\project\node_modules\browserslist\index.js:438:37)
        at E:\project\node_modules\browserslist\index.js:207:41
        at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
        at browserslist (E:\project\node_modules\browserslist\index.js:196:13)
        at Browsers.parse (E:\project\node_modules\autoprefixer\lib\browsers.js:44:14)
        at new Browsers (E:\project\node_modules\autoprefixer\lib\browsers.js:39:28)
        at loadPrefixes (E:\project\node_modules\autoprefixer\lib\autoprefixer.js:56:18)
        at plugin (E:\project\node_modules\autoprefixer\lib\autoprefixer.js:62:18)
        at LazyResult.run (E:\project\node_modules\postcss\lib\lazy-result.js:274:20)
        at LazyResult.sync (E:\project\node_modules\postcss\lib\lazy-result.js:261:32)
        at LazyResult.stringify (E:\project\node_modules\postcss\lib\lazy-result.js:285:14)
        at LazyResult.get (E:\project\node_modules\postcss\lib\lazy-result.js:334:25)
        at Object.module.exports (E:\project\node_modules\autoprefixer-loader\index.js:55:35)


// Edit node_modules\bootstrap\package.json: Remove these lines:

"last 1 major version",
">= 1%",

Use the font – awesome webpack – vue
NPM installs font-awesome and any dependencies it requires

npm install less less-loader css-loader style-loader file-loader font-awesome --save

Globally register font-awesome in the entry file

import 'font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css';

Configure the parsing

    test: /\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|png|woff|svg|eot|ttf)\??.*$/,
    loader: 'url-loader?limit=1024'

Iview navigation component: after the current page is selected, click refresh or click the browser back button, the selected navigation bar disappears

在vuex的 state 存储 active-name,根据路由用 computed 取出 active-name

Reproduced in: https://www.cnblogs.com/anani/p/9643819.html

Read More: