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Problem: the installation of install depends on the APK with so library, so it can’t load so normally. Error: not found libc + +. So
for example: system. Loadlibrary (“inittest”);


    on Android/prebuilds/tools/GCC SDK, run the following command:
    readelf – DW libinittest. So
    to view the dynamic dependency Library of libinittest. So. Since relying on libc + +. So Android n, Google has contracted the dependent permissions of so library. Only the application under system/APP system/priv app can be relied on. Some so libraries cannot be loaded by the installation application under data/APP
    the following/system/etc/public.libraries.txt is the white list of dynamically dependent libraries. Libc + +. So is not among them

    Scheme 1:
    add libc + +. So to the white list

    Scheme 2:
    add the following configuration in the source code of

    LOCAL_NDK_STL_VARIANT := c++_static

    Scheme 3:
    copy libc + +. So to the same level directory of in your app to generate APK.

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